1" x 6ft Simplicity Slip Lead - multiple patterns


Available in ten designs, the Simplicity Tubular Slip Lead is made with with super-soft tubular webbing that feels good in your hand and on the dog's coat. Nickel-plated cast hardware ensured the lead is both stylish and secure. 

Designed for easy-on, easy-off applications with a fully adjustable size, the Slip Lead is great for clinics, daycares, dog walkers, or households where any size might be needed at a given time. Simply move the metal slide up or down to make the collar just big enough to slip over the dog's head, then cinch down so he can't back out! The O-ring at the end is coated in polished nickel so the collar slips open easily when released.  

Pair your slip lead with a matching Buckle Collar, Martingale Collar, or Snap Leash!

Machine wash.

Made in the USA.