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Home Martingale Walking Leads

Martingale Walking Leads

The All-in-one Martingale Walking Lead is designed to keep your dog both safe and comfortable. This collar and lead all-in-one is easy-on, easy-off, perfect for quick trips or leisurely walks. A walking lead is a collar and leash made as a single unit - the leash is not detachable. The collar part slips over your dog’s head and the slider on the leash moves up or down to adjust for a snug fit.
The collar portion of the Everyday walking lead is lined with soft microplush, while Elite and Luxe European Crystal walking leads are lined with garment grade leather. Both linings provide padding and lend durability and style. These are super popular with growing puppies since the collar portion grows with the pooch! Lead portion is 4.5 or 6 feet long.  Everyday Walking Leads can be machine washed and air dried.  Elite and Luxe Walking Leads should be hand washed with mild detergent. Apply leather conditioner to leather items.