I see you sell Limited Slip Collars and not Martingales. Why?

Good questions! Either option is a more comfortable, and ultimately safer, choice than a buckle collar or harness. Martingales are the traditional greyhound collar, using a system of two loops to tighten the collar and prevent a dog -- even with a narrow head -- from backing out, and we made them for many years. Limited Slips are our preferred collar, and have definitely proven more popular among our clientele. Because of their design, they offer more lining choices (microplush fleece and garment grade leather). They also tighten, but do not choke, when a dog pulls to prevent backing out. Martingales tighten from the top, Limited Slip Collars tighten from the side. While we never recommend a dog wearing a collar unsupervised, the limited slip hangs nicely even when not attached to a lead. We are sure you can find a Limited Slip collar to meet your needs!

Aren’t Limited Slip collars only for sighthounds?

No! While the narrow-headed sighthound is particularly adept at escaping buckle collars, nearly any dog can back out of a collar that doesn’t adjust by tightening when the dog applies pressure in any direction. This is the reason more and more dog trainers and walkers require some style of limited slip collar for client dogs. Plus, they look awfully cool! Check out our candid photos of all breeds, mixed and pure, sporting their Fuzzywumpets style!

How long will it take to receive my order?

While we stock some items in inventory, most collars are made to order here in the heartland. We make and ship all of our collars in the order in which they are received. We can often ship within one business day, but if our order load is heavy, it may take up to a week to complete your collar. 

My dog is now trained. Is my Private Prong Collar useless?

No! The beauty of our Private Prong Collars is that -- once trained -- you may remove the individual 2.25mm links to transform your collar into a modified Martingale. Removing the links is straightforward, and you can find guided instructions here. 

I see a lot of collars imitating yours on Facebook and Etsy. Is there a difference? 

Yes! We have more than fifteen years experience fabricating our collars -- experience manifesting itself in the quality of our products today. We have learned which materials hold up the best and have eliminated those that do not meet our expectations for durability or function. We are always looking for ways to improve our products to make a Fuzzywumpets collar synonymous with quality. The relationships we have built with our suppliers means that they understand our exacting standards and we can rely on them to continue providing us with the materials needed to make the collars you have come to expect of us. We guarantee our work fully and our collars are 100% made in the USA. Finally, you’ll find that we are in most cases a better value. Win-win! So, look for the Fuzzywumpets tag!

What is a wumpet, and why is it fuzzy?

Certainly our most frequently asked question, and we’ll have to get back to you!

I love the look of your collars online but I’d like to see one in person. Is that possible?

Quite possibly! If you are in the greater midwest, please visit our show schedule to see which all-breed and specialty dog shows we are attending in the near future. We have a limited number of authorized retailers who stock our product as well.

I own a pet supply boutique, veterinary clinic, grooming shop, or training facility and would like to sell Fuzzywumpets collars. Can I?

We would love to talk with you. Please complete a wholesale inquiry to discuss a partnership.