About Us

Thanks for stopping by our boutique! We’ve had the chance to meet many of our loyal customers in person over the years at our retail booth, but we want to make sure even our web-only clientele knows who is behind their dog’s favorite gear. 

Fuzzywumpets Chicago sewing shop

A glimpse into our Chicago sewing shop


The Team

Maureen McCreery

Co-Owner / Founder (Wumpet #1) 

Maureen started Fuzzywumpets in her Manchester, MO home in 2006, sewing collars for her first whippet. In 2007, she moved to Glenview, IL and the hobby quickly turned into a business.  She was working as a clinical child psychologist by day and selling at shows on the weekends.  Eventually, something had to give.  In addition to co-managing the daily operations, Maureen is the artist behind every collar sporting a Fuzzywumpets label -- from choosing the ribbons and webbing to matching crystals and leather. Maureen lives with and is loved by more whippets than she’ll admit publicly. 

 Carolyn Dean

Co-Owner (Wumpet #2)

Carolyn and Maureen met originally over the mutual love of Irish Wolfhounds, and Carolyn has been a part of Fuzzywumpets since the beginning. After a successful career in graphic design and freelance photography, her entrepreneurial spirit was a natural fit. Carolyn and Maureen have what could be kindly described as diametrically opposed design aesthetics, and that’s the reason there’s a Fuzzywumpets collar for any taste. Carolyn, too, has and loves whippets, but would be the first to admit she’s ultimately a big dog person at heart. 

 Alex Lass

Co-Owner (Wumpet #3)

Alex met Maureen and Carolyn -- where else? -- through dogs! He joined Fuzzywumpets in 2021 after fifteen years in corporate finance. He’s the numbers and daily operations guy behind the business and has a lifetime ban on any color or design choices. When he isn’t trying to understand the difference between turquoise, teal, and aqua, Alex is at home with his family (people and dogs).

 Beth Hastings

The Voice of Fuzzywumpets / Blinger extraordinaire 

If you've called, e-mailed, or chatted with Fuzzywumpets online in the last four years, you've probably met Beth. She makes us all look good while taking care of customers' questions and orders. The only thing she makes look even better are the collars. Beth's discerning eye and steady hands are responsible for many of the hand-placed crystals on our collars all over the world.

 Mason Flowers

Sewing Guru 

Mason is the newest member of the Fuzzywumpets team, but you wouldn't know it based on his expertise. He keeps our Chicago shop running smoothly (and on time), and can also sometimes be found in the booth at dog shows.