CLEARANCE 1.5" Luxe Crystal Limited Slip Collars - Size SMALL

$56.99 $75.99

Limited Quantity -- order now for 25% off retail!

These collars are never-owned and never-worn, but are being released at a discount for various reasons. They are either older retail booth stock, patterns we have discontinued, non-standard crystal configurations, etc. Perfect for those who want a one-of-a-kind collar! These collars carry the same crystal loss guarantee and we stand behind the manufacturing 100%. The brass hardware may be slightly tarnished from being on display or certain ribbons may be faded. 

Choose the pattern in the drop-down and the thumbnail will adjust to show you a preview. As the collars are sold, those no longer unavailable will show "sold out."

As a clearance item, all sales are final. Please be sure of your sizing using the sizing tab!


Made in the USA.