1.5" Purple Croix Luxe Martingale Walking Lead


The All-in-one Martingale Walking Lead is designed to keep your dog both safe and comfortable. This collar and lead all-in-one is easy-on, easy-off, perfect for quick trips or leisurely walks. A walking lead is a collar and leash made as a single unit - the leash is not detachable. The collar part slips over your dog’s head and the slider on the leash moves up or down to adjust for a snug fit.

The collar portion of the Luxe walking lead is lined with buttery garment grade leather for comfort and coat protection.

Waking leads include an attached, non-removable 1"-wide lead.

All attached leads are 4 ½ feet in length as standard, or may be upgraded to 6 feet. The handle portion of the lead is adjustable. 

Spot clean and apply leather conditioner as needed. 

Made in the USA.